Our Story

At Club Mark, we believe in providing club decision makers with data driven solutions for maximized success and long-term sustainability. Since inception, Club Mark has held firm to the belief that objective diagnostics of core issues is the key to sustainable and consistent decision making. With decades of experience serving thousands of private clubs, Club Mark continues to be a leader in market research and sustainable guidance to private clubs and the private club industry.

〉 Our Founding

In the beginning, Rick Coyne began seeking the formula for what made great clubs. He was eager to understand why some clubs languished while others were vibrant and alive. After years of research, he found the simple answer was clubs that remained relevant to member’s and market needs were far more successful than those that were not. That simple lesson became the cornerstone of what Club Mark Corporation represents: by strategically providing what members and prospective members want and need, clubs create attractiveness, loyalty, engagement and ambassadors, driving long-term sustainability.


〉 A New Branch

In August of 2016, Membership Matters was introduced to assist clubs with developing real value and eliminating the need for annual discounts and gimmicks to grow Club Membership. Membership Matters also addresses attrition rates by creating ‘needs-based’ marketing plans resulting in enhances member usage, member engagement and improving overall satisfaction.

〉 Partnerships Formed

With decades of experience and consulting thousands of clubs, Club Mark has always realized that issues can occur in specific areas of Clubs that might not be a part of our specific knowledge…problems that could only be addressed with focused experience, expertise and technology developed by specialists. So, Club Mark Partners was formed.

Club Mark’s goal has been to continuously seek alliances and partnerships with industry leaders and innovators sharing our philosophy of responsible industry growth through unbiased and objective research, development and business practices. Our national and internationally experienced partners have extended our ability to efficiently plan, develop, design, construct, implement and oversee solutions, maximizing success and long-term sustainability.

Our team sees the future as bright and filled with enormous opportunities for those embracing responsible change.


〉 Looking To The Future And Beyond

As the challenge of change alters the way in which clubs must respond, Club Mark continues to seek alliances and partnerships with visionary solution providers. One such partnership is SureVista, a think tank alliance of academics and practitioners who have most recently launched Member Connect. This Wi-Fi based technology tracks and continually monitors the pulse of member engagements, offering unique opportunities at personalization and knowing the services and activities that drive usage and satisfaction. Club Mark and SureVista have now launched a new venture, called ClubInsights, a web based product designed to track and monitor member’s movement and satisfaction 24/7 in their home away from home. This is the best new technology of the decade and sure to make a difference in your club!