Benefits of Video


Discovering New Benefits of Video

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then the video is a picture on steroids. In fact, according to many sources, video is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Most clubs understand there are benefits of video but are you aware of the not-so-common uses your club can gain an advantage over the competition?

First, video comes in several different options. You may want to use a taped video representation of your club as part of your website, links to prospective members, mobile apps or a piece that can be played on a closed loop within the club or community channel. Some membership professionals use a short video clip to follow-up a candidate tour, highlighting something deemed important to the candidate on the tour. For example, if the women touring expressed interest in the child care center, but it wasn’t in use during the tour, the MD might take a telephone video shot when the child care center was open, and send it with a personalized note. It’s a powerful tool in making connections and building relationships. We’ll explore more on the specifics in a minute.

Second, there is video conferencing, an interactive video allowing people in different locations to meet face to face and to share PowerPoints or other presentation materials. Having worked with many video conferencing groups over the past several years, I’ve seen the technology become increasingly simple to operate while quality has increased in consistency. Best of all, studio quality equipment is within the reach of nearly every budget.

Why is either of these opportunities important? Because it allows the club to shape its brand, advertise internally, enhance the value of membership by providing access to video conferencing, and potentially even adding “video content” in areas relevant to member’s interests.

Let’s explore the taped video. At PCMA we began using video trailers several years ago and realized they were very advantageous in putting people “at the event” we were promoting. Even if they never attended the event, the trailer was designed to offer a visual tour of the event and festivities. We also found out that creating videos could be a very expensive process. PCMA’s solution was to purchase the video equipment, camera, lights, green screen and microphones so that staff personnel could script and “shoot” videos right in our own office studio. Simultaneously, with our own equipment, we could tape our various events for our member’s review. So how could this work for you? Here are some thoughts.

Uses of Video at Your Club

  • Before you commit to making an investment in equipment, lay out a plan as to how you would use videos. How can you capitalize on the investment, create brand presence, increase utilization and make it pay dividends?
  • Don’t spend a fortune on equipment. PCMA has professional grade Panasonic gear that was under $6,000. You can do it for a fraction of the cost, or simply use your cell phone
  • Find yourself a freelancer online that can take your raw footage and create your own masterpiece. (There are many sites that offer these kinds of services, often for less than $30 per hour.)
  • In your plan to utilize taped video, determine how to maximize your objectives.
    • Membership department for follow-up candidate contacts
    • Film an annual event and use the edited version for next year’s trailer to get better participation
    • Videos of various department heads promoting upcoming events with personal invitations
    • Training videos for any and all levels of employee training
    • Orientations for incoming Boards, Committees and/or new members. (If the latter, a professional video of the property and assets might be a better background.)

The point is, look at all the possibilities and narrow down to something manageable. As you become more and more comfortable with how to use the video, more ideas will come to mind.

Video-conference has been a passion of mine for many years. I guess that’s partly because I travel so much and sought ways to save clients money and partly because the time spent traveling sometimes becomes excessive. So how could this work for you? Here are some thoughts.

Benefits of Video Internally

  • Board meetings for those that are unable to attend
  • Consultants or other presentations you may want to deliver to staff, Board, Committees and even members.
    • This also allows for downloading of taped videos for group presentations
    • Got a Bridge Club? How about a Master presenting live, with two-way visual and communication, on how to improve?
  • Live, one on one, interactive educational programming
  • Camera and sound equipment can range from a $250 investment to the thousands so be sure how you will use the service before spending a lot of money. Conversely, don’t expect a laptop computer’s camera and microphone to deliver the picture and transmission quality of a higher-level unit. Shop and see what’s available in what price range.
  • Assuming you decide on a reasonable good system ($1,000.00 or more) consider ways in which the conference room could be used for member’s video conferencing needs. Could this become part of a more comprehensive “business center”?
  • Assure that you have good quality, high-speed internet. It’s a must. The rest can be as high quality as you need for the audience using the system.

The benefits of video are endless. These ideas only touch the tip of the iceberg of possibilities. Video has always been about creativity. It’s progress and a great opportunity to manage the communication process.

Lights, camera, action!