Best Follow-up Strategy, Phone or Email?


Follow-up: The key to converting leads

Closing the sale is the name of the game in any sales position, and the follow-up strategy plays a vital role in the success of that recruitment goal.

Obviously, communication is an important component of this process. However, the fastest way to shut down your interactions is to communicate via the wrong channel.

Every candidate for membership has a channel they prefer to use. This personal data is as important as their handicap in golf, or favorite wine.

Remember these simple, yet extremely important, strategies during the lead nurturing process.

If you do, you’ll find yourself on the right side of the sale majority of the time.


1.    Initial Communications

First, take note of how the communication started. How did the prospect initially communicate with you? Did they fill out a form online, or inquire about membership via email? Or did they prefer to talk to a person by dialing the club directly? This is the first indicator of how they would like to be communicated with.

Lead nurturing is about providing the right information at the right moment in the sales process. Material that resonates with the prospect further advances them through the sales funnel and closer to membership. But what if this information is distributed through a communication channel not preferred by the prospect? Simple, it loses its effectiveness.

2.    Changing Follow-up Tactics

Switch tactics after at least the third follow-up with no response. Believe it or not, humans are busy. Family and work priorities get in the way of responding to a sales person trying to get into their pockets.

Empathy to the life of the prospect is key. Avoid being impatient if you don’t hear back immediately. However, understand at some point you need to revitalize the communications. If crickets begin serenading, switch it up.

3.    Keeping on, keeping on

Never change the communication channel if one has been working. So many times, I’ve seen Membership Directors pick up the phone and call because “it’s easier” or “quicker”, or sit down and write an email because they feel more comfortable communicating electronically, only to have no response in return.

Best case scenario, you continue the same communications you’ve already established with the previous channel. The worst case, you turn off the prospect and shut down communications altogether.

Selling the lifestyle of a private club is a process, and this progression is never fulfilled if the communication stops. Don’t jeopardize this opportunity by doing what works for you. Here’s an important factor to remember:

It’s not about what you want, it’s about the preference of the prospect.

Hospitality begins during the recruitment stage. What makes you comfortable is irrelevant. Instead, develop follow-up tactics around these principles and your communication with your pipeline will improve. Open the lines of communication and your closing rate will increase exponentially.