Capital Communication

“Share the Vision: Communication takes you from dreaming it, to doing it”

Club Mark is focused on unlocking the next major opportunity for modern-day clubs. Following the completion of Discovery™ and Strategic Planning, capital improvement projects are usually initiated. However, many clubs miss out on significant growth potential by failing to effectively communicate and share their vision with their best foot forward.

After defining your vision and conducting due diligence, clear communication is crucial to gain buy-in from the board, staff, club members, and potential new members.

Capital Communication

What you get:  Our first step is to evaluate the goals set by the board and committees, followed by a systematic action plan. This plan encompasses master planning, architectural concepts, budgetary review, and communication strategies. Once a personalized plan for your club is approved, our CMA team will collaborate to assist you in communicating with conviction, excellence, and clarity to get support from your club leaders and members.

The final deliverables will include: 3D Renderings, 3D Animations, Online VR experiences, Microsites, and Vision Videos, all tailored to convey your story and encourage progress on your capital projects.

Strategic Planning:  This will be centered on the strategies needed to move your club forward with capital projects to serve your members.  It could be renovations, new facilities, large events planning, etc. 

  • Master planning, architectural review, concepts, and due diligence on construction costs
  • Count the cost, and ability to fund the initiatives, with reserves or assessments.
  • Adopt a vision and consensus among leadership and board members.

Communication Strategy:

  • What are we trying to accomplish?
  • Why are we doing it?
  • When do we reach our goal?
  • Future plans beyond the initial phase?
  • Who are we doing it for?

Video Communications:

To elevate your communication strategy, we intend to incorporate various components such as a visionary video featuring interviews with key stakeholders, an introduction and conclusion by the General Manager, and 3D computer animations that highlight your proposed facilities. Furthermore, we’ll develop 3D renderings and a microsite to spark enthusiasm and streamline online communication. Our PR and communications campaign will be customized for both private and public stages.

Another potent aspect of video communication lies in its ability to effectively convey intricate details, generate excitement, and emphasize specific points that hold significance for club members. By clearly articulating the “why” behind a project, the “how” it will be executed, the associated costs, and the resulting benefits, you demonstrate that thorough work and due diligence have been carried out with exceptional quality. Members will recognize this level of communication, increasing the likelihood of securing their approval for initiatives, capital projects, and assessments that advance the club’s objectives.

Town Hall Meetings:

It’s time to communicate the preparation that has been done with the General Manager, Board members, and Committees. We’ll discuss how we approached the planning process and answer any questions related to the communications strategy.

Our focus is to gain support and increase buy-in by showing a top-notch approach to the needs of current and future club members. We’ll ask for their support in moving forward and address any other questions they may have.