Mastering Member Engagement

Private club industry professionals continue to search for answers to the million-dollar question, “How can we improve member engagement?” Whether it’s increasing a la carte expenditure at the club, attending more social events or, the all-important, referring and sponsoring friends and family into the club, you know that motivating members to act can be a challenge, […]

Membership Green

It’s crazy how compartmentalized and specialized clubs have become.  Going Green!  For sure it’s a great concept and long overdue.  It’s also one that requires science, commitment, investment, and teamwork. Every department is touched in one way or another.  In California, Governor Brown announced a mandatory 25% reduction in water usage more or less forcing […]

Consequences of Implementing a Discount Marketing Program

The art of discounting is to increase sales in a limited amount of time by slashing prices. This technique is common in the retail industry and often associated with a used car lot. However, in the private club industry, a discount marketing strategy doesn’t work. Sure you could possibly welcome a number of new members […]

Making Your Private Club Relevant

One endeavor all private clubs embark on is the continuous goal of making the private club relevant to their members. By definition, relevancy means pertinent, germane, appropriate, significant and/or important and having social significance.  We continue to hear the word more today as clubs begin to relate relevance to the programming we offer to our members. Clubs […]

Youth: Driver of the Private Club Industry

“Because I’m in charge,” was the explanation my daughter exclaimed when I asked why I had to wear the tiara. Without argument (and because I was behind closed doors), I placed Cinderella’s crown on my head and sat cross-legged allowing her to continue using me as a prop in her fantasy. I quickly realized how […]