Best Follow-up Strategy, Phone or Email?

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Follow-up: The key to converting leads Closing the sale is the name of the game in any sales position, and the follow-up strategy plays a vital role in the success of that recruitment goal. Obviously, communication is an important component of this process. However, the fastest way to shut down your interactions is to communicate via the wrong channel. Every candidate … Read More

Benefits of Video

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Discovering New Benefits of Video If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is a picture on steroids. In fact, according to many sources, video is processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text. Most clubs understand there are benefits of video but are you aware of the not-so-common uses your club can gain an advantage over the … Read More

Increase Club Value Today With This Simple Step

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How often have we heard from members of the board, “Let’s get as many members in the door paying dues,” “All we need are more bodies,” “We’re in the dues business,”? These all too familiar phrases continue to drive the reactive marketing plan at private clubs. While most boards focus on the number of new members coming through the front … Read More

The Relevant C’s

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Community, Culture, Creativity & Communications Over the past two decades, PCMA has continued to research and cultivate sustainable membership solutions.  In 2013, they introduced Club 360, a diagnostic process to enhance the club’s relevance and market share.  In 2014, they followed in that same path introducing success stories where every department began to engage in redefining its role in driving … Read More

Consequences of Implementing a Discount Marketing Program

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The art of discounting is to increase sales in a limited amount time by slashing prices. This technique is common in the retail industry and often associated with a used car lot. However, in the private club industry, discount marketing strategy doesn’t work. Sure you could possibly welcome a number of new members in a short period of time, but … Read More

Making Your Private Club Relevant

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One endeavor all private clubs embark on is the continuous goal of making the private club relevant to their members. By definition, relevancy means pertinent, germane, appropriate, significant and/or important and having social significance.  We continue to hear the word more today as clubs begin to relate relevance to the programming we offer to our members. Clubs exist as a result of … Read More