“Transform data into information, information into insight, and insight into opportunity.”

Everything starts with discovery.  CMA’s Discovery™ offers comprehensive tools to gain a precise, user-friendly, and cost-effective understanding of your club, its members, and the market. Access to these tools is essential for informed strategic decisions that are market-oriented, successful, and long-lasting. It’s important to revisit a strategic discovery every few years to stay up-to-date and maintain your competitive edge.


Here is what you get:

Our due diligence process provides a comprehensive report with data, charts, and findings with our CMA Advisors’ interpretation to enhance your brand’s growth and member experiences. We also offer a live presentation and a separate video summary for your reference and to share with others. Our Discovery™ Package includes AI-enhanced assessment as a core part of what we offer.

Strategic Analysis: There are 4 areas to form a Strategic Discovery package.

  • Club Trends: Internal Analysis
  • External Market Analysis
  • Discovery 5 Minute Member Survey
  • Competition Analysis

Artificial Intelligence:

Are you wondering how is AI instrumental in establishing a robust foundation for club managers? Club Mark Advisors introduces the most advanced and inventive approach to incorporating Artificial Intelligence in examining your club’s unique data.

We don’t perceive it as a magical solution dispensing unchecked advice generated by a computer in the cloud. Instead, we employ AI to swiftly identify and discern patterns within vast volumes of data. This enables us to integrate data analysis more effectively with real-world expertise. Our AI engine incorporates this 50-year wealth of experience as part of our Club Mark brand voice, and it is utilized in every assessment.

Subsequently, our advisors combine data-driven insights with their practical experience and dedication to providing genuinely valuable feedback for your team. This empowers us to offer you the most insightful and groundbreaking solutions for your club. We take pride in being the only group of advisors delivering this level of AI sophistication to the club industry.

CMA Club Trend Analysis:

Are you interested in analyzing your club’s performance over the past 5 years? Our CMA Club Trend Analysis can provide you with valuable insights, including annual changes in membership, attrition rates, and internal transfers. You can also learn about the age profile of your members, including the children of members and their age distribution. Additionally, the report covers departmental usage trends, including rounds played, revenues, and expenses. Lastly, you can see how far members reside from the club. Let us help you gain a better understanding of your club’s performance.

To start, our advisor will assist you in efficiently extracting data from your membership software to ensure a quick setup process. It’s easy!

(5 Years of your club stats)

Market Intel:

When analyzing your club’s market, it’s important to consider the demographics within a 5, 10, 15, and 20-minute drive time of freestanding clubs. This information should be tailored to the specific type of club being reviewed and include population breakdowns by age, family structure, income, and net worth.

Discovery Survey:

Understanding the reasons why your members joined and continue to stay is crucial. By analyzing demographic data, you can identify areas for improvement and boost your club’s performance. To achieve this, we have handpicked the most effective questions for a short yet powerful Discovery Survey.

(5 Minute Online Member Survey)

Competitive Intel:

Discover precisely what your competitors are doing, which market segment they are appealing to, and how your amenities, events, activities, and pricing compare. Our team at CMA conducts a thorough analysis and presents a scaled chart overview, assessing your club on a 12-point scale, ranging from pricing to amenities and services. Using objective competitive comparisons, market intelligence, and an understanding of why your members join and remain loyal, we provide a strategic roadmap for positioning your club effectively in a constantly evolving world.