Membership Growth Strategies


Often times, clubs simply need help getting their membership numbers “over the hump”. Club Mark provides various avenues proven for growing your membership based upon your Club’s target audience. Most importantly, when this process is completed correctly, the need for gimmicks and discounts is eliminated.

Lack of membership growth can be due to several different key elements. Here are a few of the most common issues existing in today’s private clubs.

Lead Generation

Finding individuals who are interested in joining a private club isn’t extremely difficult. However, locating those who are qualified to be a member of your club can be a challenge.

There are several ways to generate quality leads who fit the mold of your private club. The most successful lead generation plans don’t rely on one single method. Rather they use an omnichannel strategy to develop a healthy pipeline of qualified leads.

Lead Nurturing

The most overlooked issue preventing private clubs from closing more leads is the lack of a strategic and systematic nurturing process. Lead nurturing is the process of creating and cultivating relationships with member candidates, walking them through the steps of the buying journey.

The traditional follow-up communication no longer produces the desired results. Member candidates must be presented with the right information at the right time.

Club Mark will create and implement a robust communication process to determine the purchase drivers throughout the buying process. A customized lead nurturing process that provides messaging based on value instead of price improves your Club’s closing rate and member conversion.

Member Referral

Member referral is by far the most powerful form of generating and closing leads. However, members should refer and sponsor new members into the Club because they want to share their experience, not because they are coerced or bribed to do so.

Club Mark will assist your Club with developing Advocate Member Referrals. In other words, we will increase advocacy throughout the membership to encourage regular guest invitations and a natural referral pipeline. In many cases, its simply about recreating relevance to your members. Start developing long-term solutions by becoming more “member relevant” and eliminate the need for the annual gimmicky programs.

Clients that have implemented Club Mark’s advocate approach to member referral have not only welcomed an influx of new members but have also experienced an increase in initiation fees.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is more than sharing photos and updates from the Club. It’s a vital piece to portraying the unique lifestyle of your Club to targeted individuals that fit your memberships’ demographics. It is also a way to attract other prospective members who may not have considered joining your Club. Club Mark can create a compelling social media campaign to drive membership or attendance at an up-coming non-member event.

Social media marketing can be extremely powerful when implemented as part of the lead generation or lead nurturing process. The best thing about marketing on social media, is the ROI typically outperforms the majority of other lead generation tactics.

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail marketing provides a tangible and appealing visual description of your Club. Whether deploying a standalone mail campaign or integrating with your digital marketing efforts, Club Mark will enhance your brand image and messaging with a direct mail strategy that produces results.

An extremely powerful direct marketing approach is the New-Move In communication. Using a strategic approach to drive awareness and interest, Club Mark will provide an automated strategy to introducing your Club and welcoming families who are new to the neighborhood.