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The Club Mark team has 50 years of industry experience working with over 1,000 private clubs. Our Approach is to use facts, data and our extensive experience to design a plan that further connects your members to your club.


Strategic Planning

Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Strategic planning establishes the visionary direction of your Club. Club Mark believes goals for the strategic process should be consistency in the decision-making process, consensus of goals and objectives, and providing a road map for timely and accountable goal realization.


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Membership Marketing Services

Membership is as much a condition of lifestyle relevance, as it is social privilege.

In today’s modern market, staying relevant to your existing members and your next generation of members is crucial for your Club’s success and sustainability. Club Mark offers three customizable services to help your Club increase membership growth and retention.


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Educational Services

Education is the foundation upon which Clubs’ build their future.

Club Mark provides your team, board, committees, department heads and staff with not only the day-to-day educational tools to engage your members, but also a vision for your Club’s future. We have several options available from Board Retreat services to staff training and development.


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Survey Suite

Feedback is a treasure and ideas are the currency of success. Let your members know you value both.

The vocal minority does not always represent the opinions of your membership as a whole. The best way to get a true understanding of your member needs, satisfaction and interests is by asking them directly. The same is true of your staff. We provide a myriad of options to better understand how to best motivate both.


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“The goal of ClubIntel is to transform data into information, information into insight and insight into opportunity.”

ClubIntel is a multi-faceted service allowing clubs to track various market related data, member profiling, historical usage and member feedback. This data allows you to identify opportunities to create greater lifestyle relevance to members, increasing the value and attractiveness of your Club and keep the pipeline full of potential members.


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