Our Story

At Club Mark, we’re all about empowering club management and leadership teams to make informed fact-based decisions to thrive. Our approach is fueled by hard data and objective evaluation, ensuring that our clients make smart, consistent decisions every step of the way. With years of experience working with private clubs, we’ve written the book on industry research and strategic decision-making. Join our mission and discover what it means to truly succeed in every decision you make.

Who Are We?

Club Mark was founded in 1985 with the goal of discovering the secret formula that makes good clubs great. After careful analysis, the founders realized that successful clubs adapt to changing markets and cater to their members’ needs. Thus, Club Mark’s mission is to create an environment where members remain loyal, engaged, and advocate for their club. Through a rigorous research process, Club Mark Advisors focuses on market strength, member needs, demographic variables, and potential member preferences to ensure growth, retention, increased utilization, and exceptional experiences. By anticipating the future, Club Mark helps clubs thrive.

Looking to the Future

Discovering the desires of private club members across different age groups and backgrounds is crucial for maintaining a thriving and diverse community. By identifying the specific needs of members based on gender, family dynamics, and other demographics, clubs can better plan for the future and cultivate long-term satisfaction.

With Club Mark’s help, clubs can stay ahead of the game by not only understanding their current members’ requests but also anticipating the interests of the up-and-coming generation. Keep your club’s offerings fresh, engaging, and sustainable by knowing your audience inside and out.

Our Changing Industry

At Club Mark Advisors, we specialize in research, planning, and brand matching to help clubs increase their market share, retain members longer, and provide exceptional leisure experiences. Our successful track record with over 1300 clients speaks for itself. As Robert Dedman, Sr. once said, “Without members, nothing is possible.” This quote embodies the essence of the industry. Membership retention, replenishment, utilization, satisfaction, and loyalty are crucial to a club’s success.

Using data and research, Club Mark Advisors can identify the brand qualities that are necessary for your club to achieve its full market potential, retain members, and create unbreakable loyalty. Everything within your club should revolve around member satisfaction. Operations, services, amenities, and facilities must all be tailored to meet the needs of your current members and potential members in the future. With CMA’s research, decision-makers can make informed decisions based on facts rather than guesswork.

Make your club stand out from the competition. Say goodbye to uncertainty and let Club Mark Advisors guide your club toward making all the right decisions.