Our Executive Team

Rick Coyne
Founder & President

Rick’s career has spanned nearly 50 years providing club management and operational services, strategic planning, market analysis and developing successful marketing strategies for private clubs. Having worked with well over 1000 private clubs, he has been a guest speaker in over 900 workshops, nationally and internationally, including Canada, Spain, England, France, Prague, Mainland China, Columbia and South Africa.

As an author, he has contributed greatly to the private club instructional library co-authoring college text, developing significant industry white papers, directing a series of career videos for membership development and being extensively published in industry related magazines, including Club Management, BoardRoom, Club Director and Daily Fee magazines. His literary contributions to the private club industry have earned him two national literary awards.

Rick is also the CEO of Professional Club Marketing Association (PCMA), an allied association to the Club Management Association of America (CMAA), representing the membership directors in the industry with certification, placement services, educational programs, workshops, seminars and representation throughout the private club industry.

As the landscape of the private club industry continues to evolve with each new generation, Rick, Club Mark and PCMA strive to provide insights to industry professionals on the importance of strategy, market knowledge and remaining relevant.