Survey Suite

This is where CMA really shines!  No more surface-level surveys.  With our deep-dive custom approach, we will be able to extract complex analyses from seemingly simple survey questions that your members and staff will enjoy taking!

Here are some types of surveys offered by Club Mark Advisors.

  • Custom member surveys
  • Culture surveys (Staff)
  • Periodic pulse surveys
  • Point of sale surveys
  • 5 Year Survey Tool

Conducting surveys is a valuable tool to gauge the satisfaction of your members, obtain feedback on various services, and gather support for issues like capital planning or membership initiatives. By repeating surveys, you can track the progress of your membership satisfaction over time. We collaborate with you to optimize the construction of your survey questions and develop critical management tools to understand your members’ responses based on demographics such as age, gender, and family composition.

We offer electronic delivery of surveys to your members or can link them directly to your club’s website. For those who prefer not to complete the survey online, we provide printable versions.

Interpreting survey data is crucial to understanding your members’ needs. Our experienced team will provide a comprehensive overview and interpretation of the data, segmented by demographic variables. Additionally, we will provide you with a video for future reference.

To maintain insight into your members’ needs and satisfaction, Club Mark Advisors offer several economic options for periodic surveys.